Our goal with Best Coal Company (BCC) is to produce thermal coal in La Guajira region of Colombia, generate jobs and make synergy with our energy production company Yıldırım Energy.

We have 3 projects with 714 million tons thermal coal reserve, named Cañaverales, San Juan and Papayal. Cañaverales is an open pit mine whereas Papayal and San Juan are prodigious underground mine projects. San Juan is the largest project of BCC with 6300 kca/kg thermal value and 672 million tons of reserves. On the other hand, Papayal contains the highest quality coal of BCC with 6700 kcal/kg value.

Total production per year will go beyond 35 million tons. Coal quality is above 6.000 kcal/kg NAR, which is the benchmark specification for European markets. BCC is vertically integrated project and has its own railway and port projects. Therefore, it does not depend on any external port and railway.

With our strong entrepreneurial skillset and “can do” attitude, we work on the development of Synthetic Soda Ash (Na2CO3) Processing Plant, Qazaq Soda, located in Taraz, Kazakhstan. Its inauguration is planned to be in 2023.

We set Central Asia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries as our target markets. Qazaq Soda will stop the import of soda ash derivatives of Kazakhstan, create a gate for export, utilize natural resources, and create a direct employment of 250 people and indirect employment of around 1000 people. It will become a reliable soda ash supplier for sectors like glass, chemistry, detergent, and mining and open a way for additional investments. As it is the case for every Yılmaden entity, our target is to become a preeminent soda ash company in the world.

Qazaq Soda project has a capacity of 400,000 tons per year. The master plan is based on 1,000,000 tons per year production capacity. In soda ash investments, we will utilize our vast innovative technical know-how in. We aim to become the world leader in issues such as efficiency, quality, cost control, and environmental protection.

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