The biggest chrome ore producer in Turkey

The world’s largest hard lumpy marketable chrome ore producer, Eti Krom Inc. was founded as a state enterprise in Elazig, Turkey in 1936. Since 1976, Eti Krom has been the only high carbon ferrochrome producer in Turkey. YILDIRIM Group acquired the company via privatization in 2004, and modernized 4 arc furnaces to meet the growing demand for high-quality high carbon ferrochrome. Eti Krom is the only supplier in Turkey that can extract chrome ore all year round, even during harsh winters. Eti Krom has over 130 million tons of mineral reserves and 22 mining licenses throughout the country, with an annual capacity to produce 1 million tons of chrome ore. The company is able to produce metallurgical (hard lumpy and concentrate) and refractory (hard lumpy and friable) ore types. Eti Krom exports the high-grade chrome ore extracted in various parts of Turkey in a hard lumpy and concentrate form. Eti Krom’s fully integrated ferrochrome plant is able to utilize the high-grade chrome ore extracted from its own mines to produce 160,000 tons of high-quality high carbon ferrochrome each year, with a slag recovery rate of 10,000 tons per year in line with the “zero waste” philosophy.